Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack is an American Artist (b.1988-) Neptune, New Jersey. He now lives in Los Angeles, California where he has a flourishing Multidisciplinary Art Practice that fluidly communicates the power of imagination and disrupts the potential of space, time and history. Crossing over the untraditional with the traditional, he improvises material in plain sight, bridging the idea of fate while delivering cultural legacies as possibilities of dimensional functions and the reversal of stereotypes. Popular information is neglected. The idea of platform is reconditioned. The body of work is now activated in its own right and for the grace of Exhibition. For the past 6 years he has been a proud supporter and key participant in the Los Angeles Contemporary Fine Art world. According to testimonies of the people, what he has given has been timely honored beyond scale and until this day his work has effected the lives of many across the states and internationally through Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art.